2022 Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Reports gives evidence of the Group's growing will to do business, thanks to innovative choices, consistently with the #FeelinGood strategy.

"This report is the expression of our tangible commitment in creating value for all. We acknowledge that individual well-being must be pursued in an environmental and social sustainability framework."
Andrea Schivazappa, Parmacotto Group’s CEO.

2022 Sustainability Report

The Parmacotto Group

The Parmacotto Group works every day to promote the excellence of Italian food, with quality and sustainability at the top of its priority list, with an increasingly international vision.

"Our goal is to create value. In terms of growth, brand reputation and sustainability. How? Doing our job well." - Giovanni Zaccanti, Parmacotto Group's Chairman.

2022 Sustainability Report


The Parmacotto Group 's path towards shared wellbeing comprises three macro-areas of action: Well-being at Mealtimes, Well-being of Communities and Well-being of the Environment.

Our commitment to Well-being at Mealtimes

The Parmacotto Group works every day to develop products that not only taste good but can also combine quality with healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Projects implemented in 2022:

  • Careful selection of raw materials
  • Reduction in preservatives
  • Products with reduced salt and fat content
  • Short and transparent ingredients lists
  • Constant upgrading of processes and technologies
  • Improved nutrient profiles
  • Use of natural flavourings only

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Our commitment to Well-being of Communities

The Parmacotto Group invests in culture and social responsibility, through projects and actions for our employees and for local communities, which strengthen its bond with the regions.

Projects implemented in 2022:

  • Connections
  • La Paranza Onlus
  • Giocampus
  • Learning about Cooked Ham
  • WellDone
  • The Emporio Solidale project
  • A School for Camilla
  • The People in Between
  • Center Against Domestic Violence

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Our commitment to Well-being of the Environment

The Parmacotto Group has started on a path that, through a scientific approach, analytical KPIs and monitored goals will take us to the achievement of our goal of zero direct emissions by 2026.

Projects implemented in 2022:

  • Joining the Science Based Targets initiative
  • Fight against climate change: management of energy, energy efficiency and photovoltaic panels
  • Guarantee of Origin certificate
  • Sustainable packaging

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projects implemented in the 3 well-being areas


Energy saving in kwh/year


Reduction in emissions vs. 2018