Environmental well-being

Protecting the environment is a guiding principle for development, both for the future of the company and to safeguard the planet.

We want to achieve zero direct emissions by 2026.

Our commitment to the environment for 2030

This is the path we have taken, setting concrete objectives along the way.

Our commitment to the environment for 2030

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Energy is central to almost all of the world's most important challenges and opportunities. Whether it is for work, security, climate change, food production or in response to rising incomes, access to energy is essential. Sustainable energy is an opportunity – it transforms life, the economy and the planet. That is why we are committed to using an ever increasing proportion of renewable energy.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Climate change is the most important global challenge we face. Emissions are generated everywhere and affect everyone. We want to use the right solutions to become a cleaner and higher performing manufacturer, in an ongoing process of improvement. This is why we are implementing all measures that can help reduce our emissions as a top priority.

Our stories

Our plans for the future

We want to improve environmental well-being, meeting the needs of current generations without compromising those of future ones.

Do you share our vision
on the big sustainability issues?

Do you want to help promote a more comprehensive concept of well-being? More inclusive, more expansive and more conscious? Do you want to invest in a sustainable development project?


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