The Courage to do good

Our stories: people, products and sustainability.

"The courage to do good" is a collection of stories from our community,
because real sustainability stems from within our communities and our everyday lives.

The courage

The Parmacotto Group’s defining feature and the spirit expressed through its products and actions.


The essence of our way
of doing business.


Doing good is at the heart of the Parmacotto Group’s business approach, defining its products and actions.

Benessere? vuol dire tanto, tantissimo. Significa stare bene insieme.

Michele Ugolini

Well-being is first of all respect.
Trovare una forma di equilibrio sembra banale. Ma non è così.

Patrizia Cavatorti

Well-being means this: feeling good everywhere, all over.
Il concetto di ‘FeelinGood’ passa anche dalle piccole, grandi scelte: tutto è collegato, circolare.

Samuele Bertani

What does 'FeelinGood' mean? Feeling good from all perspectives
Il benessere a tavola per Serena: vita sana senza rinunciare al gusto

Serena Carpi

Well-being at mealtimes The right balance between taste and health
Greta ci racconta Connessioni: il progetto che mette il benessere dei giovani al centro

Greta Ziveri

Young people and the desire to return to normality
La sostenibilità ambientale secondo Rocco: un equilibrio a 360°

Rocco Tridici

Environmental sustainability? It concerns everything and everyone, with no exceptions.