Environment well being

Photovoltaic systems

Solar power systems to support a sustainable energetic approach

Environmental well-being means being aware that our future depends on implementing rapid and concrete measures. This is why the Parmacotto Group’s approach to sustainability is based on enhancement measures to preserve the planet and its resources, with a view to reducing emissions and environmental impact.

Objectives of the project

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Energy is central to almost all of the world's most important challenges and opportunities. Whether it is for work, security, climate change, food production or in response to rising incomes, access to energy is essential. Sustainable energy is an opportunity – it transforms life, the economy and the planet. That is why we are committed to using an ever increasing proportion of renewable energy.

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Climate change is the most important global challenge we face. Emissions are generated everywhere and affect everyone. We want to use the right solutions to become a cleaner and higher performing manufacturer, in an ongoing process of improvement. This is why we are implementing all measures that can help reduce our emissions as a top priority.

Among the various tangible projects under way, the installation of two photovoltaic plants at two of the Group's production sites is a fundamental step in helping safeguard the environment by reducing polluting emissions. These projects lay the foundations for achieving a goal that the Parmacotto Group is pursuing through a series of wide-ranging initiatives: energy independence. Our first photovoltaic system will be installed at the Marano factory and completed in 2023.

  • Estimated power 972 KWp
  • Estimated production 990 MWh
  • Estimated coverage = 20% of the site’s energy needs

Impianti fotovoltaici Parmacotto Group

The second photovoltaic system will be installed at the San Vitale Baganza factory and will also be completed in 2023.

  • Estimated power 342 KWp
  • Estimated production 396 MWh
  • Estimated coverage = 8% of the site’s energy needs
Approccio energetico sostenibile imprese

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Our plans for the future

We want to improve environmental well-being, meeting the needs of current generations without compromising those of future ones.