Samuele Bertani

What does 'FeelinGood' mean? Feeling good from all perspectives

The concept of 'FeelinGood' goes through small and big choices: everything is connected, circular.

"I have been working at Parmacotto since 2017. I am currently in the sales department, and I deal with Parmacotto Selection, a premium line of products launched in past recent years. A new high selection targeted to the "" food industry sector."

Wellness at the table according to Samuele

What does 'FeelinGood' mean to me? It means feeling good from all perspectives: in my private life, at work, and in all areas. It’s finding the best way to feel good in every area. All aspects must be connected. As far as my well-being at the table it is important both to appreciate a lifestyle and quality time and discover how to feel good in good company.

To feel good, a healthy and balanced lifestyle is also essential: maintaining an active life and seeking quality, selected and healthy food, products processed as little as possible so that they maintained their original qualities intact.
The concept of 'FeelinGood' goes through these small and big choices: everything is connected, circular.

Welfare Projects

Among the projects carried out in the field of corporate welfare, I was very impressed by how the company dealt with the pandemic and the changes that followed it. The Connessioni project was very interesting, because it responded to a concrete need regarding employees’ children, and it addressed the issue related to digitalisation (the digital approach that has become indispensable.)

 In addition, cyber bullying was addressed as it’s one of the most current and sensitive issues for our youth. I really liked how the project was timely focused on responding to a concrete need:  all of that was really positive.

It would be important to extend the Connections project not only to our employees, but to everyone, especially the new generations that must learn new technological skills every day, starting from how to use a computer. Young people might be very confident on how to use a cellphone, a tablet, or how to access social media, but they are certainly less competent when it comes to the world of computer science or how to program a PC: Computer science pedagogy and competence in order to create an IT culture would be extremely important. 

The courage to be good

The courage to be good is an internal communication project that follows the steps that Parmacotto has historically taken, that is investing in its people. We talk about the courage to be good from all points of view: the dinner table, the environment, and our community. I think it is a concept very much embedded in the history of Parmacotto: a path dotted with moments of true courage.

The choices made by the company were made with courage and with the view of being good and doing good. Starting from the last courageous choice: the realization of the eco-pack. A winning bet to do better for the environment while, at the same time, maintaining high quality products. This is just the latest example in which Parmacotto has put this philosophy into practice.

Courage means making the best choices every day: Being good also means doing good and being fair, that is looking at the future with different eyes. Having the courage to make these choices, it’s not often the easiest, the simplest or the cheapest choice. These are choices that do not pay off immediately, but they certainly do in the long run.

This concept fully matches the choices and the directions that have been taken through our daily choices.

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What does 'FeelinGood' mean? Feeling good from all perspectives

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