Patrizia Cavatorti

Well-being means this: feeling good everywhere, all over.

Feeling balanced seems insignificant. But it is not so.

"I work in the Parmacotto sales office, a point of reference for agents, area managers, and all large retailers. My role is connected to the order office: everything related to sales is what I do."

Welfare of communities according to Patrizia

Parmacotto is very much alert to well-being, in general. Well-being means feeling good and having a psycho-physical balance: working well, stress-free, having time to carry out physical activities and obviously eating well. Well-being means this: feeling good everywhere, all over. Finding a balance seems insignificant, but it is not so.

The company’s attention, obviously, starts with its attention to our products’ quality. Among the projects related to the community’s well-being, I’m particularly fond of A Scuola di Cotto: an important project for the younger generations who are our future. This project engraves the children’s "minds" and creates a culture that values well-being.

Another project in which I participated with great joy is Connessioni because it touches each of us. Digital literacy has been very useful: each of us needs to listen to professionals from other sectors who explain the problems and try to empower you in finding solutions. This is crucial.

Another super interesting project is WellDone: I enthusiastically participated in the first initiative "Parma on tour" to discover places that have made the history of the greatest women of Parma (Maria Luigia in the first place.) A nice project that allowed us not only to learn more about our city, but also to bond with colleagues and with all the people involved. I brought my daughter with me, she’s a teenager, and she was encouraged to learn our history in a fun and social environment.

Welfare Projects

Among the projects carried out in the field of corporate welfare, I was very impressed by how the company dealt with the pandemic and the changes that followed that emergency. The Connessioni project was very interesting, because it responded to a concrete need regarding employees’ children, and it addressed the issue related to digitalization (the digital approach that has become indispensable.)

In addition, the problem of cyber bullying was explained and explored as a very sensitive and current issue. I really liked how the project was focused on responding to a concrete need and was also completed in a timely manner: all of this was very positive.

It would be important to extend the Connections project not only to our employees, but to everyone, especially the new generations that must learn new technological skills every day, starting from how to use a computer. Young people might be very confident on how to use a cellphone, a tablet, or how to access social media, but they are certainly less competent when it comes to the world of computer science or how to program a PC: Computer science pedagogy and competence in order to create an IT culture would be extremely important. 

The courage to be good

This is the approach that the Company has in facing any challenge and from all points of view. I don’t believe that it should take courage to be good, being courageous should be a habit of ours. The concept of “the courage to be good” can have different meanings and it is certainly not easy to be brave in difficult moments.

If the adjective "good" is understood as integrity in maintaining high quality, it should always be part of the business ethic of any company, when it comes to maintaining the high quality of its products. As for us, as people, however, I believe that being good should not be something for which it takes courage. It should be simply a habit and a normal part of who we are.

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