Greta Ziveri

Young people and the desire to return to normality

Greta tells us about Connections: the project with well-being of young people at the centre

“I saw my son sit for six hours in front of the screen without moving a finger: engagement and learning are bound to suffer. These last two years haven’t been easy. It was not as if the kids had attended school normally”

Greta, a client and supplier accounting officer for the Parmacotto Group and mother of a teenage boy, tells us about lockdown and how the well-being of communities in which we live is important.

Well-being means balance, finding the right balance between the psychological and physical. Being able to balance everything to achieve general well-being. It’s not easy. It’s about time and priorities: I try to make sure no one misses out on anything. Although now that my son is a more manageable age, I can think about myself more.

Greta Ziveri Parmacotto Group

Community well-being according to Greta

Well-being comes from so many things, in every area, in every aspect of our lives. The goal is to find it. Now more than ever, after the pandemic, we have realised how much health and well-being are a priority.

As well as physical activity, good nutrition is essential to supporting good health. It means a lot to be working in a Group that is trying to support well-being at mealtimes in every way possible, as this is an issue close to my heart.

And relationships with others: I personally try to be upbeat and always see the positive side. 

The pandemic

During the pandemic, we realised how important it is not to underestimate anything. We focus on prevention, including for young people: prevention on a medical level and in terms of food and lifestyle, limiting things that are bad for us. It’s hard because you tend to think about nothing else after all this.

During the first wave it was heartening to see the sense of humanity that developed within communities, starting with the small shops that reinvented and reorganised themselves to offer everyone home deliveries, especially the elderly and those in the greatest need. A very strong sense of belonging.

Greta Vizeri racconta il progetto Connessioni

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